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In need food assistance. Recovering addict and unable to get employment due to my background and old life style. I'm self-employed doing landscaping and odd jobs to afford my apartment and the very few needs in life.
On my free time I attended recovery groups and 12 step programs to keep me grounded in my recovery and path to a happier and healthier lifestyle.
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Well there are truly many sites that allow yo to etfree food legitimately and yes 100% free you can order groceries through these two sites , you have to join up then get a couple of people online to sign uo and youll get a free food shop that you can order online , even if this is the first time you havee needed food you may need it agaijn in the future so start refering people now soyou will never be in the same position this is all the shoping i do , i dont pay for any grocerys at all anymore it can be done
check here - http://dillysano-mymakemo...

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Do not know what to do-live in a VERY RURAL AREA. Second Harvest of Knoxville is the only place that services this area and it is over 70 miles away.
I emailed them about times I could receive food assistance 3 days ago-they haven't responded.
What do I do now?
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needfood no money overdrawn in bank husband on distabilty

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